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Welcome! We are so glad you are here. 


So much of the world's current reality is

unprecedented, and the scale of our collective challenges overwhelming. We need to find new ways,

and remember ancient ones,

of being and acting together. 


Over the past several decades,
John Ott and Rose Pinard, co-founders of the

Center for Collective Wisdom, have helped

communities and systems learn how to more reliably

access collective wisdom in support of their

highest aspirations. 

We are working now to build a movement for

living collective wisdom in support of

sustained healing and profound results.


If you find inspiration here, we invite you to join us …


The Center for Collective Wisdom (C4CW) supports individuals and teams, and  organizations, systems, and communities, dedicated to achieving and sustaining profound results.


We use the phrase profound results to evoke the scale of aspiration and depth of longing that animate our work and the work of our partners. Some of the results our partners are holding themselves accountable for include: ensuring all children enter kindergarten healthy and ready to succeed; ending chronic homelessness;  ensuring every student graduates high school with a path, a plan, and a purpose; and promoting healing, resiliency, and wellbeing for all community members.


We orient to our work as allies, listening deeply with our partners for what is wanting to unfold, helping them build upon and leverage what already is unfolding, and acting to amplify and strengthen their success.


Our work is not about quick fixes or shallow interventions.  We help our partners work at the speed, breadth, and depth needed to achieve and sustain both their positive impact in the world, and their experience of joy, generosity, and wellbeing.

Participant reflections about their experience with C4CW

Our Focus

The results we long for, and that animate the work of our partners, require large-scale change, and ongoing processes of consciously evolving—our systems and communities, the larger culture, and ourselves.


John Ott, JD,  and Rose Pinard, PhD, co-founders of C4CW, have developed two original, interrelated frameworks—Leadership for Collective Wisdom™ and Living Collective Wisdom™—to help us and our partners embody new ways of leading and living collective wisdom in support of profound results. 

Leadership for Collective Wisdom

Living Collective Wisdom

The seeds of collective wisdom are always present whenever two or more of us gather.


This is the focus of Leadership for Collective Wisdom: helping us learn how to cultivate the conditions for collective wisdom to guide us.


This framework also helps us understand, and learn to transmute,  the conditions that give rise
to collective wisdom's opposite—collective folly.

Living Collective Wisdom is a comprehensive, trauma and resiliency-informed framework for large-scale change. 

Building on the foundation of Leadership for Collective Wisdom, this framework deepens our capacity to embody four core competencies in support of large-scale change: leadership, living systems, community, and results.

Our Offerings

C4CW currently offers immersions, 1:1 ally sessions, academies, and invitations to help our partners embody Leadership for Collective Wisdom and Living Collective Wisdom in their work in the world.


To help people learn more about C4CW, our offerings, and our approach to leadership and large-scale change, we regularly offer free, ninety-minute invitation events. During these brief gatherings, participants meet members of the C4CW team and experience an overview of Leadership for Collective Wisdom and Living Collective Wisdom. We would welcome a chance to engage with you during one of these upcoming sessions. 


Immersions are highly interactive online experiences for individuals and teams to begin to learn
and apply the Leadership for Collective Wisdom and Living Collective Wisdom frameworks to their change work .


Our next immersion in Leadership for Collective Wisdom begins in September 2021, followed by a Living Collective Wisdom immersion beginning in January 2022. Join us!

1:1 Ally Sessions

Following the Leadership for Collective Wisdom immersion, participants can sign up for a series

of 1:1 ally sessions to deepen their capacity to embody and apply the leadership concepts, commitments, and practices to their change work.


These 1:1 sessions are led by C4CW allies who have deep experience with applying the frameworks in their own lives, and in helping community and systems leaders live collective wisdom in support of profound results. 


Academies are custom-designed, multi-year processes that enable communities and systems to integrate Living Collective Wisdom throughout their large-scale change efforts. These trauma and resiliency-informed processes unfold through four iterative phases: assessing, readying, embodying, and integrating.

Future Offerings

In the coming months, we will begin offering video courses teaching the fundamentals of Leadership for Collective Wisdom and Living Collective Wisdom.


In 2022, we will launch an in-depth developmental process for individuals and teams who want to learn how to teach immersions, facilitate 1:1 ally sessions, and design and lead Wisdom Dialogues™ grounded in Living Collective Wisdom.

And beginning in 2023, we will regularly convene people from around the world who are committed to living  collective wisdom in support of collective healing and profound results to share best practices, deepen learning and meaningful dialogue, and strengthen a larger movement.

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