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Our Offerings

C4CW currently offers immersions, 1:1 ally sessions, and academies to help our partners embody Living Collective Wisdom in support of their work toward profound results


As you explore these offerings, know that we never want cost to be the reason someone cannot participate. If you want to engage in any of our offerings and need some financial support, we will work with you to explore creative funding solutions. And … if you are someone who can, we would welcome your donation to help us fund scholarships to support others who need financial help to participate. Thank you!

Have more questions? Check out our FAQs.


Immersions are intensive, highly interactive online and in-person experiences for individuals and teams to begin to learn and apply the Living Collective Wisdom™ framework to their change work.


Leadership for Collective Wisdom™

​Leadership for Collective Wisdom immersions include:

  • Five ½-day online sessions in real-time over a two week period

  • A comprehensive workbook to support participant learning and engagement

  • Office hours with John and Rose for additional learning and application support

  • Access to online resources

What participants learn

The seeds of collective wisdom are always present whenever two or more of us gather. Through this immersion, we detail the Leadership core competency of Living Collective Wisdom™, helping participants learn how to cultivate the conditions for collective wisdom to guide us.


This core competency of Living Collective Wisdom helps us more effectively learn and adapt—together—so we can continuously address complex problems and controversial issues in support of achieving profound results.


Through this immersion, participants will be introduced to a number of foundational concepts, including collective wisdom, leadership, and the Four Dimensions of Change. Grounded in these concepts, we help participants understand and begin to apply commitments and practices for both self leadership and collective leadership. ​We also help participants begin to learn how to avoid the emergence of collective folly, and heal the negative effects of past folly that may be sapping the power to achieve the results they are committed to effect. 

Who should attend

Anyone who wants to learn how to cultivate the conditions for collective wisdom to arise in support of their work in the world.

Price:  $1,495​ before bundling discounts

LCW Immersion

Living Collective Wisdom™

Attending Leadership for Collective Wisdom is a prerequisite for this immersion. The Living Collective Wisdom immersion unfolds over a six-month period through a variety of engagements and supports, including:

  • Ten (10) ½-day online sessions in real-time over a 2½ month period;

  • A comprehensive workbook to support participant learning and engagement;

  • Regularly scheduled peer-learning sessions supported by C4CW staff;

  • Regularly scheduled office hours facilitated by John Ott and Rose Pinard;

  • One series of six 1:1 ally sessions for each participant;

  • Three large-group dialogues; and

  • Access to online videos and other resources.


Beyond the content for the ten ½-day sessions, the foci for all other engagement sessions are developed in collaboration with participants. An intake process prior to the immersion helps us identify learning pods and case studies. As with the Leadership for Collective Wisdom immersion, we will also compile and share brief participant bios to encourage peer and cohort engagement. 


What participants learn

The immersion begins with a brief review of the concepts, commitments, and practices of Leadership for Collective Wisdom, which define the Leadership core competency of Living Collective Wisdom. Following this review, we then help participants deeply explore the other three core competencies: Living Systems, Community, and Results. 

With this foundation established, participants are then supported to examine their current change work through the lens of the four developmental aspects of large scale change: cohering a movement; building the movement; stabilizing a living system; and sustaining the living system. Living Collective Wisdom means embodying four core competencies as we work together to nurture and integrate living systems and related movements to achieve profound results. 

Who should attend

While the Leadership for Collective Wisdom immersion can benefit anyone, Living Collective Wisdom is designed specifically for participants who are designing, leading, supporting, funding, and/or engaged with large-scale change efforts. As with Leadership for Collective Wisdom, this includes: 

  • Members of collective impact efforts, including backbone teams;

  • Staff members from foundations and public systems who support systems and community change initiatives;

  • Social justice, community, and public policy advocates supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives;

  • Stakeholders from regional or issues-based collaboratives; and

  • Consultants and evaluators who support large-scale change efforts, especially those inspired by systems thinking and complexity.

To ensure a highly interactive and personalized experience for participants, space is limited in these immersions. ​

Price:  $6,995 before bundling discounts

1:1 Ally Sessions

1:1 Ally Sessions

As essential as immersions are for helping participants understand and begin to apply the commitments and practices of Living Collective Wisdom, 1:1 ally sessions provide customized support for participants to more fully embody this framework.


These 1:1 sessions are led by C4CW allies who have deep experience with applying Living Collective Wisdom in their own lives, and in helping community and systems leaders live collective wisdom in support of profound change. 


We offer this support through series of six one-hour sessions. Participants complete a self-assessment survey prior to the first session, and again before the final session. While these sessions are grounded in Living Collective Wisdom, the focus of each individual session is determined by the participant. 


Participation in at least one immersion is a prerequisite for engaging in 1:1 ally sessions. If you are planning to register for a Leadership for Collective Wisdom immersion, you can also register for a series of Ally Sessions at the same time and receive a bundle discount.  Living Collective Wisdom participants receive one series of 1:1 ally sessions as part of the Living Collective Wisdom immersion.



C4CW designs and leads academies for communities, systems, large collaboratives, and other large-scale change efforts committed to profound results. Academies are custom-designed, multi-year processes that enable communities and systems to embody and integrate Living Collective Wisdom in support of their large-scale change efforts. The focus of these trauma and resiliency-informed processes is to strengthen the infrastructure and culture needed to sustain progress toward profound results for the long haul, and participants' experience of joy, generosity, and wellbeing. 


While each academy is unique, all academies unfold through four iterative phases: assessing, readying, embodying, and integrating. During each of these phases, C4CW discerns along with leaders from the inviting community or system whether there is both will and capacity to evolve the process to the next phase of engagement. 

The timeline for initiating and completing an academy varies with the unique size, capacities, history, and scope of desired results within each context. In our experience, however, a typical academy unfolds over several years.

Want to know more, or discuss a potential academy for your community or change effort? We would welcome an opportunity to explore how we might be of support to you.

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