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Our Partners


Over the past three decades, we have had the honor of working with and learning from an extraordinary array of organizations and communities, both in our consulting practices and now through C4CW. These partners—some of whom are recognized above—have taught us much about collective wisdom, and about the profound impact that becomes possible when people are deeply aligned in their commitment to each other and to their collective work in the world.


In our systems and community change efforts, we partner with health, education and social service systems; cities, counties, states and provinces; multi-sector community impact efforts; foundations and other funders; businesses with a social mission; non-profit and community-based organizations—any collective effort committed to improving the wellbeing of people and communities and the world we inhabit together.

In our immersions and other capacity-building efforts, we typically work with individuals and teams who support organizational and community change efforts, including consultants, foundation staff, staff from backbone and other intermediary organizations, and leaders from communities and organizations undergoing large-scale transformation.

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