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A Living Collective Wisdom® Community

Supporting each other to live collective wisdom with joy, generosity, and wellbeing

A Living Collective Wisdom® Community is open to anyone who has experienced an Immersion (or an equivalent offering from C4CW). We have several intentions for this offering, including:

  • Deepening participants’ understanding of and capacity to embody Living Collective Wisdom® through multiple kinds of engagements–e.g., peer support sessions; teaching sessions working with existing and new content; and open dialogues;

  • Creating and sustaining a safe space for participants to make meaning of–and discern right action in response to–events unfolding in the world through the lens of Living Collective Wisdom®; and

  • Inviting and nurturing a lived experience of community among participants.


Guided by these intentions, we have created the following structure for this offering in the coming year.


  • The community is open to anyone who has participated in an Immersion or equivalent experience facilitated by C4CW.

  • The process will begin in September 2024 and continue through August 2025. This will be a one-year pilot effort. During the year we will regularly invite participants to offer their reflections about how we can evolve and deepen the impact of this community. At the end of the year-long journey, we will discern if and how we will continue this process going forward.

  • We will convene in 90-minute sessions at least twice a month. The first two sessions will be on Monday, September 9, from 8:30 - 10:00 AM Pacific Time and Monday, September 16, 2024 from 8:30 - 10:00 AM Pacific Time. Once we have a critical mass of registered participants, we will finalize the remaining calendar. 

  • As with our Immersions, we will record all sessions (with participants’ permission) to be available for participants who have to miss or want to review a session.

  • The C4CW team will set the agenda and focus for the first several sessions. We will work with participants to co-create the foci and design for later sessions.

  • In addition to the online real-time engagements, we will also create an online platform to facilitate regular communication and support among participants in between sessions.

  • We will also share other resources with participants–e.g., draft chapters of our forthcoming book.

In pricing this offering, we have sought to balance two interests. We need to cover our costs … and … we do not want cost to be an impediment to anyone who wants to join the community. This is where we have landed to balance these interests:


  • We are asking participants to pay $1,000 for the 12-month experience. You will have options to pay the full amount at once or in installments via various services.

  • If you are able to pay this amount, either personally or through your organization, we are deeply grateful. And … if you have the capacity to make an additional payment over and above the $1,000 fee to support others who cannot afford the requested amount, we can work with you to ensure you are credited with a tax-deductible contribution for that additional payment.

  • If you want to participate and are not able to pay the requested amount, please don’t let the requested fee stop you! We have created an option for participants to pay any amount they feel they can afford.


Please follow the link below to sign up for this offering. If you have any questions, or need any additional information, please reach out to us.


We hope to see you soon! Blessings to you …


John and Rose

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